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For parents and caregivers across the country, the recent school closings have created a “new normal” with new challenges. One of those is finding ways to support children with the instructional packets schools sent home. To help, we’ve collected age appropriate, interactive, free resources that will aid families in assisting their student’s learning in the areas of English/language arts, math, STEM, and wellbeing.

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Recently Added Family Resources

The Commonwealth Institute of Parent Leadership (CIPL)

The Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (CIPL) is a continuum of engagement and leadership development for families, schools and communities to increase academic success of Kentucky students and progress of Kentucky’s public schools. Powerful partnerships are achieved, when active champions for education honor and recognize the connection between families and schools, as a core strategy for improving student academic achievement. Find more information about how to become engaged here:

The Prichard Committee

The Prichard Committee studies educational issues and engages citizens, business leaders, families, students and policy makers about best practices in education. The are committed to equity for students of all backgrounds to ensure that students in the groups that have had less opportunity to excel catch up with their peers.