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New Opportunity School for Women

NOSW works with low-income Appalachian women who are ready to build stable and fulfilling lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. Once a year, NOSW, Inc. offers a FREE, two-week educational residency to Appalachian women. Starting in 2017, NOSW, Inc. began hosting non-residential, three-day programs at partner sites throughout the region. Find out more about these opportunities at

The Junior Guide

Now is the time most high school juniors start their college admissions process in earnest. But…where to begin? Sara Harberson has created a series of comprehensive monthly worksheets especially for second semester juniors to lay the groundwork, stay on track, and get motivated for college admissions!   Each month, from now until June, complete your monthly “check up” worksheet and bonus “self work” questions. Topics range from standardized tests to college visits to essay writing, and more.    The best part about Sara’s Junior Guide is that it helps you present yourself in a deeper and more powerful way to colleges — because if you don’t know who you are, colleges won’t either.

Family Scholar House

We believe in the power of education to change lives, families and communities. We believe in second chances and fresh starts. We believe in the resilience of the human spirit. We believe that our past is part of us but does not define us. And, we believe in the wonderful single parents and young adults who come through our doors determined to make the most of new opportunities.

The Commonwealth Institute of Parent Leadership (CIPL)

The Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (CIPL) is a continuum of engagement and leadership development for families, schools and communities to increase academic success of Kentucky students and progress of Kentucky’s public schools. Powerful partnerships are achieved, when active champions for education honor and recognize the connection between families and schools, as a core strategy for improving student academic achievement. Find more information about how to become engaged here:

The Prichard Committee

The Prichard Committee studies educational issues and engages citizens, business leaders, families, students and policy makers about best practices in education. The are committed to equity for students of all backgrounds to ensure that students in the groups that have had less opportunity to excel catch up with their peers.

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